View File to PrintThis Burlap Rag Wreath works great as shown here; a pretty Bird’s Nest style Spring Wreath with colorful paper mache eggs attached. However, you can easily make the eggs detachable and then use the Burlap Wreath again and again for each new season. Add seasonal ribbon and flags to make it into an Americana wreath, add shells to make it a beachy themed wreath, add fall leaves and acorns for a harvest wreath and so Wire Wreath Frame 16"on…you get the idea.


We used 2 burlap runners and 1 jute runner for this project, however, you can use 3 burlap runners or any fabric you want. We recommend about 2.5 yards of fabric for a nice full wreath.

• 2 Burlap Runners
• 1 Jute Runner
• 1 16″ Wreath Frame
• 1 12 pack of Nickel hair clips
• 2 packs of Paper Mache eggs (6 in a pack)
• All Americana paint – Colors used here: Pistachio Mint, White, Poodle Skirt Pink, Cadmium Yellow, Spa Blue
• Ribbon for bow at top (we used a burlap ribbon and painted it)
• Glue gun
Optional: Lace and ribbon scraps 

Directions to make plain burlap wreath:

  1. Cut fabric into approximately 7″ x 1″ strips
  2. Begin tieing strips by pulling the strip from the bottom and tieing once on the top (the top has the curved part up).
  3. Tie the burlap and jute strips one by one on to each wire rung in a random pattern
  4. After the wreath is full, go through and add any scraps you want to add to fill it out
  5. Once you’re done tying the bits of fabric on, flip the wreath over and smooth out all of the frazzled bits that will get tucked under and bring back around to the front of the wreath. This will help give a fluffier more full look.

How to Make a Burlap Wreath


Paper Mache EggsDirections for adding Easter Eggs:

  1. Paint the paper mache eggs the colors you want and let dry
  2.  In this sample, we painted a burlap ribbon as well and used a stencil brush to make rough dots. If you are doing this, paint the ribbon now and let dry.
  3. Add any embellishments to eggs that you want, like string or jute tied around as shown in pictures.
  4. Use a hot glue gun to glue hair clips to the back of the eggs. Make sure you hold the clip open while the glue dries. Adding the eggs on like this makes it so you can take them off easily and add other elements for different seasons.
  5. Once eggs are ready, clip them to the wreath and arrange the bow at top.

Gluing clip onto wreath