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This charming Bath Tub Pincushion was created by Jan at the Meridian Craft Warehouse store. These shabby-chic style metal bathtubs come in six colors are about 6″ long. They’re easy to transform into pin-cushions with a tiny bit of hand sewing, filling and an adhesive. All the details are below or you can print out the project sheet.


  • Metal Bathtub
  • 1 Fat quarter
  • Fairfield Poly-fil
  • Needle and thread
  • Glue Gun or Double Sided Tape
  • Scissors


  1. Cut an 8” x 8” oval from fabric. You can freehand it (see image) or cut a rectangle and use a drinking glass to trace rounded corners onto the shape. Cut on the rounded corner.
  2. About 1/4” from the fabric edge, run a stitch all the way around the fabric, lightly gathering as you go.
  3. Beginning at one end, draw the gathers tighter and begin stuffing the Poly-fil into the end. Gather and stuff as you go.
  4. Check how tight the fill is before gluing the filled fabric in. It may take a few times of stuffing this “pillow” into the tub, adding more Poly-fil and smooshing it around until you are satisfied with the way it looks.
  5. When happy with the fill, knot the end of the thread in place to hold the gathers.
  6. Run double-sided tape or beads of fabric glue around the inside of the tub, about 1/2” down from the top.
  7. Smoosh the pillow inside the tub.


Making a Bathtub Pin Cushion



Bathtubs and Pin Cushions at Gresham Craft Warehouse