Steps in Mixed Media Prima Project from Craft WarehouseThis beautiful project was created by Rachel in the Hazel Dell store. She used a Prima Rubber Stamp to put the image on the wood round and then followed the lines with a wood burning tool. This brings a whole new group of endless options for your favorite rubber stamp images! She then embellished it with beads and flowers.  All supplies are available at Craft Warehouse.  Here are the directions so you can make your own. We’d love to see what you create. Tag us on social media to share.


Supply List: 

• Stamp of your Choice (We use the Prima Princess Stamp – Zara)
• Black Versafine stamp pad
Versa Tool Wood Burning Kit
• Wood blank of choice
Watercolor pencils
• Deco Art Gloss or Matte Sealer
Beacon 3 in 1 Glue
• Assorted Beads (optional)
• Assorted Flowers (optional) 


Step 1 –  Use the ink pad to cover stamp and press down onto the wood blank.

Step 2 – Use wood burning tool with the Detail Point on a high setting. Slowly burn the lines of the stamp into the wood.

Step 3 – Use the watercolor pencils and a small paint brush with water to color in between the lines, if desired. Color first, then use water to blend.

Step 4 – Add any embellishments you wish on the burned image. In this one, we used beads and paper flowers to make it a mixed media project. We recommend Beacon 3 in 1 Glue for gluing on the embellishments

Step 5 – Seal with a paint-on Gloss or Matte sealer. In this project, we chose Matte so as not to take away from the beads.