Make this souvenir eclipse shadowboxYou witnessed one of the most rare things in life with the 2017 Solar Eclipse, whether you were in the line of totality or not. Here is a great looking way to remember the Eclipse day. Create a simple shadowbox display with your own pictures from the event and the souvenir Eclipse glasses.  Frame and paper available at Craft Warehouse.


• Visage 8″x10″ Hinged Shadow Box (comes with 4 pins)

• Ella & Viv 12″x12″ Nighttime Sky Scrapbook paper

• Memorabilia (Solar Glasses, Photos or Flyers)



1. Cut scrapbook paper to fit frame (approx. 8.25″ x 10.25″)

2. Open up back of the frame and take our shadow box foam, place paper into the shadowbox, add foam back in and close up the back of the frame.

3. Open up the front of the frame and use pins, tape or glue dots to place your memorabilia into frame (we used double-sided tape for our glasses and used the pins for the photos)

Project created by Sarah Owens for Craft Warehouse

What to do with your Eclipse Glasses - Make a Souvenir Shadowbox