This Resin Pour Clock is a knock-out! What a great look this would be in your house, or to give as a gift. Watch Cara in the video as she shows you how easy it is to create your own resin pour clock!

Supplies Needed:

• Clock Kit 3/4-inch 3pcs
• 14-inch Gallery Clock Surface, Birch Wood
• Color Pour Resin Heat Gun
• 16oz Envirotext Lite Kit
• 8oz Resin and Hardener
• Resi Blast 10z Dispersion Medium
• Envirotex Mixing Cup 10oz
• 31 Pieces Color Pour Supply Kit
• FW Liquid Acrylic, Marine Blue
• FW Liquid Acrylic, Prussian Blue
• FW Liquid Acrylic, White
• Pearl Ex Mica Powder, Antique Silver
• Jumbo Craft Sticks, 75ct

At Home Supplies to Gather:

• Paper Towels
• Dixie Cups
• Hand Sander
• Silver Spray Paint

Shop Supplies: