This Lantern and Glass Block project was created at our Kennewick store. Just add your favorite vinyl saying (we have tons to choose from) on a glass block or a lantern with lights and Flicker Paper. This project is an easy and fun way to add seasonal decor to your home. The Flicker Paper makes the lights shine and fuzz out in a magical way. The lights are battery operated and can be set on a timer.


Lantern Project


•  Lantern (we used the Red Lantern with a Pagoda Top)
• 30ct Warm White Firefly Lights
• 12×12 Flicker Paper
• “Home is Where the Heart” is Vinyl Saying
• Scissors


1. Gather all the materials above.
2. Cut out the flicker paper to fit each window pane in the lantern.
3. Adhere the flicker paper to each window pane.
4. Once flicker paper is applied, smooth out all the panes to assure that there are no air bubbles.
5. Pick one of the largest panes to apply the vinyl saying.
6. Open up the latch door and add your warm white firefly lights.


Glass Blocks


• Glass Block
• 30ct Warm White Firefly Lights
• Vinyl Saying
• Flicker Paper
• Scissors
• Glass Cleaner
• Paper Towels



1.Gather all the material above.
2. Prepare the side of the block that you want to adhere the flicker paper to by cleaning it with glass cleaner. ( Make sure the surface is dry)
3. Peel the back sheet off the flicker paper and try to center it, once centered stick the flicker paper to the block.
4. Do the same with the vinyl, peel the back sheet off the vinyl and center it on the block, once you have the vinyl centered, stick it to the block.
5. Stick the 30ct warm white firefly lights in the block and watch it twinkle.