Shrinky Dinks are the perfect medium for making your own Planner Clips and Bookmarks. You can draw whatever you want, print out whatever you want and glue them on to large paperclips.  You can also use a heat gun to shrink them, so no more oven and you can just make one at a time if you want.

Check out this post for more information on making Shrinky Dinks with some important tips >

Planner Clips and Charms for your Planner are fun to make and they can help you stay organized, remind you of what is important or just hold your place. Make them pretty, witty or purely functional – it’s up to you.  We created a couple of pages of designs that we used to make some planner clips shown here. You can download our templates or make your own.

Planner Clips Print Out Template


Designer Tip:  use your favorite stamps to create the Shrinky Dinks you want. Most of the charms shown below were made by stamping stamps onto paper and then making them larger (they need to be about 150% larger or 3x as big) by scanning or enlarging on a photocopier. Then use the larger piece to run through the printer with the Shrinky Dink paper. Don’t forget to make a large enough hole (it will shrink, remember) if you want to use them as a charm.

Shrinky Dink Charms for Planners