Some of the components we used for this project

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This Cork Heart Board made by Sarah of our Craft Warehouse Design Team is a stunner! It’s a great use for all those extra wine corks you’ve collected (no judgment) and it makes a pretty Valentine’s decoration and/or year round small bulletin board. The ombre painting of the corks really makes it stand out!

You can add Valentines specific elements and then remove them later if you want only the heart. Leave the glass on to use as art, take out to use as a little bulletin board.

P.S. If you don’t drink corked beverages much, we do sell bags of corks at the stores for cork crafts.

This project took about an hour.

Making an Ombre Cork Heart from Craft WarehouseSupplies:

  • Black Wood Hinged Shadow Box Frame
  • 12×12 Heavy Card Stock in light brown
  • 12×12 Paper Accents Burlap Fabric Sheet
  • Mini Saw with metal holder
  • Authentique “Beloved” details sticker sheet for love banner
  • Red Bakers twine
  • 4 mini clothes pins
  • Wine Corks (about 25 was used for this)
  • Beacon Fabric Glue (designer tip: Most glues will work but they will dry making the fabric look wet. This glue is great because it dries without making the fabric look wet!)
  • Acrylic paint in White and Burgundy Wine
  • Foam Brush


  1. Start by opening up your shadow box and cleaning the glass. Then take the backing off and lift out the foam insert and set aside.
  2. Take the 12×12 burlap fabric sheet and the 12×12 cardstock paper and lightly glue (fabric glue) down the burlap to the top of the cardstock.
  3. Using your saw, cut each cork into thirds. Each heart will be different but I used about 25 corks.
  4. Once you have them all cut, place them on top of your burlap fabric in a heart shape.
  5. Lift each one up and glue down using fabric glue.
  6. Allow to dry for about an hour.
  7. In a bowl put about 3 tablespoons of red paint. Paint onto the top of the cork with a foam brush.
  8. Add a drop of white acrylic paint and blend together to make a lighter red/pink. Then paint another section of the cork tops.
  9. Continue doing the same technique as you move your way up the cork. You can have as many rows of color as you would like.
  10. Once Paint is dry glue onto the center of the foam that comes inside the frame.
  11. Each frame comes with pins. Stick 2 onto the corks at an angle to hold your flag banner.
  12. Then place the Authentique Stickers that say “LOVE” on a string of bakers twine spacing them out how you would like it to hang.
  13. Add mini clothespins to each flag.
  14. Tie to the pins to hold the banner onto the heart.
  15. Optional: put an extra sticker at the bottom from the Authentique stickers sheet