Making a bunting for a canvas organizer board at Craft WarehouseIt’s pretty hard not to love a line of flags on a string. Whether you call it a pennant, a bunting or a garland – colorful flags strung together are adorable and can be used in so many situations. They immediately turn anything a bit more festive and they can be made quite easily.  This pennant bunting you can make as a sew or a no-sew project!

We made this cute SEW bunting for a larger project to be revealed in a later posting (stay tuned, it’s super cute!). This can be made to use alone or with a project like ours.



  • 1/8 yard fabric
  • Twine
  • Letters (we used Letter buttons, but you could glue on wood or felt letters as well)
  • Embroidery floss (for the buttons)
  • Large eye needle (for the buttons)
  • Iron
  • Optional: pinking shears or pinking blade with rotary cutter, Aleen’s fabric glue, paint



1. If desired, paint your letters and let dry.

2. Cut a 4½” x 5” piece of fabric for each letter you are using.  Charm packs would be fun to use, making a coordinated yet scrappy look to your pennant.  We used pinking shears here, but a cut edge would be great for a more contemporary look.

3. Cut a piece of twine at least 24” longer than you need for your letters.  Be generous with the length of twine – you can always cut off the extra!

4. Fold over the top of the fabric ½” and press in place.  Repeat to create each flag.

5. Using 3 strands of embroidery floss, center a letter on the fabric and stitch in place.  If you want to make this a no sew project, glue the letters in place and let dry before proceeding.  FYI, the letters have sticky dots on the back.  They don’t adhere well to fabric.

6. Place the twine in the fold of the fabric and stitch close to the cut edge, forming a casing so the fabric can slide on the twine.  This way you can adjust the letter placement.  If you are making this no sew, run a bead of glue close to the cut edge of fabric and let dry.


7. Pin the fabric backed letter with a clothespin (plain or decorated) in place onto your twine.

8. At this point, you can add ribbons or other items to your pennant.  Hang and enjoy!