These mini pallets are about 6″ tall and they work great for so many projects. Here, our Craft Warehouse Design Team made a darling LOVE sign for Valentines Day. This project can be customized to any style or word needed. A great idea for a wedding, event or seasonal decor. Choose your favorite scrapbook papers and acrylic paint and make it yours. Here’s the step-by-step directions of how to create the LOVE sign we made here.


Supplies for Palette Love Sign at Craft Warehouse

Steps on how to make mini crate Valentines Love sign at Craft WarehouseSupplies:



1. Measure the mini wood pallet and cut paper to fit lengthwise (about 4.5”)

2. Measure on the first crate slat width-wise. (about .5”)

3. As shown in the photo, place paper on the .5” mark and cut your first strip.

4. Then cut your next crate slat measuring a little less than .5” shown in photo.

5. Then cut your 3rd strip at .5”

5. 4th strip at a little less than .5”

6. And 5th strip at .5”

7. Paint all mini pallets red with acrylic paint. Let dry.

8. Glue paper on to the front of each crate using Pioneer Glue Stick.

9. Repeat these steps for the other 3 mini crates.

10. To make the heart, punch out a heart using red cardstock paper.

11. Glue sequins to the top of each one with glossy accents glue. Set aside and allow to dry.

12. Paint chipboard letters with black acrylic paint.

13. Once dry glue to the front of each mini wood pallet.

14. Glue heart onto the front of the mini pallet and its done!