View File to PrintThese little Gnomes made on mason jars with paper mache cones, felt, and some cuddle faux fur, were a big hit at our recent Christmas Open House. Fill them with candy as a fun gift for a neighbor or office worker. Make a little Gnome family for a cute display. Super easy and fun for kids, too.

The directions here are to make the smaller Gnome shown.

Supply List:

  • 1 paper mache cone, 7in x 3inGnome Jar Topper Project from Craft Warehouse
  • 1 9×12 piece of Kunin craft felt, your choice of color
  • 1 package of unfinished Lara’s Craft Birch Buttons, Item 10027
  • 1 package of Jesse James Snowflake buttons, Item 2892
  • 1 Crafter Quarter of Cuddle fur, Ivory or White
  • 1 package of 1in White Pompoms
  • 1 Kerr Jelly Jar or Pint Regular mouth jar
  • A Glue gun & glue sticks and scissors
  • Optional: Lint roller or packing tape (to help with fuzz)


Directions:  Please read all instructions before proceeding.

  1. Referring to the diagram to the right, on your felt square, place the base of the cone at A and the point of the cone at B. Roll the cone to the left.
  2. Test wrap it without gluing the felt down to be sure you have the idea of how to wrap the cone, you want the whole cone covered and for the felt to be snug.
  3. Glue the leading edge of the felt to the cone, then roll the rest of the felt onto the cone, secure the felt with a little more glue. Trim the felt along the base. Set aside the cone.
  4. From the Cuddle fabric, draw you’re a 4in tall triangle and cut out. The fur will really fly, using a lint roller or the sticky side of packing tape, roll over the cut edges of the fur to pick up the loose fibers.  It will be very fluffy, but once all the fluffy bits have been removed the cuddle fabric will not unravel or fray.
  5. Using your glue gun, as smoothly as you can, glue the furry side of the cuddle to the INSIDE of the base of the cone.
  6. Glue on the birch button nose to the beard just below the edge of the cone.
  7. Glue on the snowflake buttons and pompom.
  8. Fill your Mason Jar with treats and add your Gnome topper. Now you have a great little gift.

More Ideas:

• Create larger versions with two cones, a 10in x 4in cone for the body and a 7in x 3in cone for the hat and two squares of felt.

• Add personality to your Gnomes with braids and pompom trim, like our Milkmaid Gnome or a jolly belt and a furry hat trim like our Santa Gnome.  These larger Gnomes fit onto a quart size Mason Jar!