View File to PrintThis Floating Fairy Garden was created by Ashley at the Hazel Dell location.  Customers had mentioned to her that they wanted a fairy garden but didn’t have the table space, so Ashley came up with this great solution. A hanging Fairy Garden! Now you can have a fairy garden in your favorite room. Great on the patio or front porch, too.

Supply List:

  • Foam Ring With At Least 2 Inches Of Depth.
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Moss Sheet
  • Assorted Preserved Moss
  • Faux Flowers/Plants
  • Fairy & Door
  • Firefly Lights

 Steps to make Floating Fairy Garden from Craft Warehouse


  1. Cut Moss Sheet into panels to fit the circumference of your ring. ( My panels measured 11x21inches)
  2. Lay your moss with the backing facing up, begin piping glue down the length of the panel (Be generous)
  3. Roll your ring down the fresh strip of glue, press firmly to secure.
  4. Cut the overhanging moss into strips that meet the rim of the ring.
  5. Wrap these strips through the center of the ring, and secure it to the back of the ring with a thick line of glue. (Hold in place until glue cools)
  6. Keep doing this all the way around the ring, do not force the strips to be glued in order, glue them down in the way they naturally overlap.
  7. Attach chicken wire to the back by folding the sharp edges into the foam, secure with a thick line of glue, and moss scraps.
  8. Decorate! This part is completely up to your artistic freedom! Remember to layer your moss and plants to create depth in your scene.