Chances are you have at least one Fidget Spinner laying around. The surprising trend of this year seems to have some staying power. As more unique and fancy spinners hit the shelves, you might find your household with a bit of a collection.  This simple craft was designed by Sarah from our Design Team and hand lettered by Kari from our Gresham store. Even if you don’t have the awesome hand-lettering skills of Kari, you can still make this fun and interactive board that the whole family will enjoy.


Supplies for Fidget Spinner Chalkboard Board

Supplies for the Chalkboard style board below








Make a Fidget Spinner Board for Chores from Craft Warehouse

This board was made with an unfinished 12×12 frame, painted the color of our choice and a 12×12 vinyl Chalkboard sheet. No plastic sheet needed if you’re using the vinyl chalkboard sheet.


Here are some ideas of what this Fidget Spinner Board can help you decide:

  • Chores to do
  • Fun things to do (change the scrapbook paper backing for Fall ideas and Holiday ideas throughout the year).
  • Restaurant options
  • Take-out Options
  • Exercise options
  • TV viewing options

If your household has some arguments about what to choose – this Fidget Spinner Board might be a great option to stop the arguments and help you make a decision. Plus, it’s fun!


Supplies (this list is for the Spinner Board shown at the top):

  • 1 12×12 Metal Sheet
  • 1 pc 12×12 Scrapbook Paper (or chalkboard paper as is seen above)
  • 1 12×12 Frame
  • 1 Clear 12×12 Plastic Sheet (found in scrapbook dept.)
  • Bistro Marker
  • Fidget Spinner
  • Magnet
  • E6000 Glue


  1. Open frame and take out glass (if your frame has it)
  2. Place scrapbook paper of choice in front of metal sheet
  3. Draw your choices on the plastic sheet with the Bistro Markers
  4. Place the plastic sheet on top of paper and metal sheet, place in the frame and secure. Do not put the glass back on top.
  5. Glue a magnet to the fidget spinner (we used the E6000 glue)
  6. Cut out a triangle from some paper to be the pointer and secure on one of the spinner points.
  7. Once the glue is dry on magnet, place spinner on top of the board and spin away!