View File to PrintTransform a simple kitchen towel into a charming decor piece for your kitchen. We often add iron-ons to our kitchen towels – in fact, it’s one of our most favorite and easiest projects. For this particular towel Sarah, from our Design Team, added two ruffles on the bottom of the Homestead fabric line by Jennifer Pugh.



• 1 Red Cotton Towel

• 2 Fat Quarters of your choice

• 1 Decorating Your Life Iron-on 

• 1 Yard Black RicRac Ribbon

• 1 Red and Black Thread to match towel and ricrac colors.

• Sewing Machine

• Iron



  1. Follow the directions on the Decorating Your Life package and iron image onto the towel.
  2. Once cooled slowly remove the plastic.

Ironing on vinyl on towel

  1. Cut 2 – 4” strips from your fat quarter fabric for each ruffle, so 4 total.
  2. Pin both fabrics right sides together like shown in the photo.

Making a ruffle for a kitchen towel

  1. Sew each fabric strip together.
  2. Open up and Iron the seam flat then iron the ends of each ruffle on the ends.

Sewing Ruffles on a Towel

  1. Fold fabric strips in half lengthwise and iron both fabric strips.
  2. Long stitch each strip at the top raw edge of your fabric.
  3. Lightly pull on the bottom thread to start creating a ruffle.

how to add a ruffle to a towel

  1. Pin the ruffle to the bottom of the towel and sew to the towel.
  2. Stitch the second ruffle to the towel an inch above.
  3. Stitch 2 strips of ricrac to the top seam of your top ruffle to hide the raw edge of the ruffle.

Sewing a Ruffle on a Towel