You pretty much can’t go wrong with Mason Jars. We use them in tons of craft projects all year long. This simple jar full of candy (or love notes) is made more interesting with the domed top we added. The domed top is actually one half of a clear ornament. Here is how we did it.


• Mason Jar
• Ribbon
• Scrapbook paper for tag and top lid
• Candy or something to fill jar
• Cardboard for cutting heart
• Yarn for wrapping heart
• Glue Gun or E6000 Glue
• Clear Ornament


  1. Take apart the ornament and cut the hanger section off of the ball
  2. Cut paper to fit the flat top of the mason jar and glue on.
  3. Glue the half dome over the ring of the mason jar
  4. Cut a heart out of cardboard and wrap yarn around it until it looks how you want
  5. Once glue is dry assemble mason jar top, fill with candy
  6. Add ribbon, tag or any other embellishments

You can also use the clear ornament as intended and fill with candy.


How to Make a Domed Mason Jar for Valentines Day

This project made by Sarah Owens for Craft Warehouse