The Fold n Stitch Dimensional Wreath Pattern is a popular pattern that works year round in all kinds of seasonal fabrics. It’s an easy advanced beginner’s project and the completed wreath can be used as a table centerpiece or as a wall hanging. You’ll want one for every season and occasion!

Comes in Fold n Stitch Wreath and Fold and Stitch Blooms

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Some tips from the Craft Warehouse Quilt Shop experts on making this Dimensional Wreath:

  • Match your top thread to the applique fabric, bobbin thread to the back fabric. If using batiks, variegated threads give a great look on the applique fabric!
  • Use a Schmetz Microtex 80/12 needle
  • If you plan to fussy cut the applique fabric, consider buying a bit of extra fabric. Cut out the HeatnBond pieces before placing them in the desired areas to fuse and get your desired look.
  • Use a point turner to help get your points “pointy” instead of rounded.
  • Use sharp scissors to trim close to the seam allowance.
  • Use a Frixion pen for marking. It disappears with the heat from your iron.  On some darker fabrics, it may leave a slight white mark.  A spritz of water and a light rubbing with your finger will that disappear.
  • Wonder Clips!! Pinning the final layers together is difficult and resulted in bent pins.  Using Wonder Clips to hold the pieces together when sewing makes it much easier and faster!

Fold n Stitch Wreath Samples by Craft Warehouse