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  • Metal Heart Shape
  • 3 – 12”x 12” Scrapbook Paper
  • Glue Gun
  • Ribbon
  • We R Memory Keepers “The Works“
  • 1” or 2” paper punch or scissors
  • Tim Holtz Non-Stick Craft Mat



  1. Using The Works tool, trim 2 strips of paper 12”x 4” and 12” x 5”.
  2. Set The Works tool to the score setting and score paper every 1/2”.
  3. Once they are both scored cut them lengthwise down the middle. This will give you two 2”x 12” strips and two 2.5”x 12” strips.
  4. Fold each paper strip into an accordion.
  5. Cut 1” – 2” circles with paper punch or scissors.
  6. Glue the ends together to create a circle.
  7. Place rosette on a non stick mat and press the accordion circle down to form a rosette.
  8. Add hot glue to the middle of the rosette so it spills over a little, then add circle paper to cover the top.
  9. Add a glass cup or mason jar to the top while it cools. Once it cools you can lift it off the nonstick mat.
  10. Once you have created 5-6 Rosettes Place them how you would like them on the heart wreath.
  11. Then flip over and cut paper stripes to hold the rosettes together with glue gun.
  12. Once it’s holding together and the glue is dry add 6” ribbon strips to the back of the paper strips.  Then glue them down on to the paper.
  13. Tie ribbon around the heart wreath. Now you can change out for each season to different colors & patterns.

Make this Rosette Heart Shaped Wreath

Back of the wreath with paper strips and ribbons attached