Why not decorate your door or entryway this fall season with a monogram sign to celebrate the fall holidays? These pretty signs can be made with any initial and designed for any holiday. The whole project will probably take less than an hour. You can use scrapbook papers, paint, embellishments or photos to make your sign.

How to Make a Fall Monogram Sign
Supplies:Decorate a Monogram Sign for Halloween or Fall

  • Art board (our wall art board with rope hanger is about 10″ x 14″)
  • Wood Letter (our MDF letters here are 9″)
  • Paint (we used Milk Paint, any acrylic paint works as well)
  • Glue (we used three different kinds. See designer tips on glue below)
  • Papers and Embellishments
  • Hook and Loop tabs (optional) See photo below
  • Distress ink pad (optional)

General Directions:

  1. Take the letter you have chosen and decorate it as you want. If you are using paper, lay the letter on the back of the paper and trace it. Cut it out and glue down. Let dry. If painting, paint letter and let dry.
  2. If you are putting paper on the board, apply glue and flatten out and let it set.
  3. Once your letter is dry and set, embellish the letter as you want.
  4. To apply letter to board use E6000 or strong crafter’s glue.
  5. Hang and Enjoy!

Tips and Specific Details:

  • The Halloween paper was distressed a bit on the edges by using the Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad and an applicator.
  • The R sign has an 8″ wheat bundle glued to it (also available at Craft Warehouse)
  • With this wall art board we carry the back is smooth and doesn’t have the shiplap. This means you can put paper on that side easier, creating two surfaces to decorate in two different ways!
  • The Tombow Hook and Loop tabs give a nice option for hanging the letter if you’d like it to be temporary. For example, you can get a few of the same letter and decorate them for different holidays and change them on the board seasonally.
  • We recommend using scrapbook papers for projects like these as they are thicker and stronger than other papers. Plus there are so many patterns and colors to choose from! Halloween papers in the H sign here are from My Mind’s Eye and available at Craft Warehouse.
  • The whole sign may benefit from spraying it with a sealer if you are hanging it outside.

All about Glue from the Design Team:

Three glues were used on this project and all of them are highly recommended and often used in the Craft Warehouse studios.

  • Pioneer Embellishment Glue Stick – this glue stick is super strong and your paper will not curl off like other glue sticks. This was used to glue the paper to the letter and to the board
  • E6000 Crafters Glue – Super Strong glue that works well with flat and heavy things. This was used to glue the letter to the board (when the hook and loop tabs weren’t used)
  • Beacon 3 in 1 Advanced Craft Glue – Strong glue that is dries clear and is kind of gummy which make it great for gluing dimensional items. We used this on the wheat bundle.


How to Make a Monogram Sign for Halloween