One thing I have noticed about Rubber Band Bracelets is that if someone meets anyone, young or old, that has a loom or loom bands, they automatically become friends. I was in California in January in a local craft store. There was a mother and daughter in the bead department looking at storage containers. I just couldn’t help but ask, “Do you make rubber band bracelets?” Sure enough she did! I can spot a friend a mile away! I also met a friend this week that just started making no-loom bracelets and started selling them to friends so he could save up to buy himself a loom. I couldn’t help but give him some bands to help him out! What about you? Do you have a friend to make bracelets with?

Today’s rubber band craft comes from the book Loom Magic Xtreme! by John McCann, Monica Sweeney, and Becky Thomas. There are 25 awesome, never before seen, projects in this book that are fun for boys and girls alike! There are more than bracelets too! There’s headbands, pirate eye patch, earrings, and other crafts. There are many crafts in this book that require more than one loom, where you can link them together to create larger projects!Loom Magic Xtreme! Loom Band Flower Bouquet

This craft is called the Bouquet of Flowers (page 31 in Loom Magic Xtreme! as pictured above on the front cover). Breietta from our Salem store created these. She is nicknamed “The Rubber Band Bracelet Lady” by the kids in our store. She says, “This project is a lot of fun and all the kids love it! Remember, it needs two looms to make a flower, so make sure to pick one up before heading home to create it!” I would recommend this project for those loomers that would like to try something new. It is considered “medium” difficulty.

To create a unique center add a button instead! Loom Magic Xtreme! Loom Band Flower Bouquet

Loom Magic Xtreme! Loom Band Flower Bouquet