Get inspired with our NEW Hazel and Ruby Handmade DIY Decor Tape! Take your favorite letter or character and add extra flare! Decor tape is mess free and so easy to use!
Ampersand Sign Wall Art
Hazel and Ruby DIY Decor
Cutting Craft Mat
Craft Knife

1. Lay Ampersand on a flat surface. Place the washi tape on the Ampersand rubbing out any bubbles with your fingers toward the ends of the Ampersand.
2. Flip the shape over and use your craft
3. Flip over and with your craft knife cut around the shape to remove the excess.

24″ Paper Mache Letter
Hazel and Ruby DIY Decor Tape 4″ Rolls

1. Wrap your letter with the washi tape, cutting and trimming as needed as you go around the shape. Start on the inside and sides. Then work the back and the front.
2. Smooth the tape out with your fingers to finish! Hang and enjoy!