“Let it Snow” Slated Wood Sign Supplies:

  • Unfinished slated wood board
  • Precut mini logs
  • Blue and white acrylic paint
  • Darice 20 ct. plug-in mini lights
  • White Wood Snow flakes
  • “Let it Snow” vinyl saying
  • Glue gun
  • Wood Glue
  • Drill

Wood slat board, Darice deco lights, wood starDirections:

  1. Paint your wood board with acrylic paint using a Ombre Technique  starting with white at the top of your board.
  2. Once Your paint is dry drill small holes for your lights to fit into. Make sure your holes are close enough to fit the next light in the strand. The best way is to draw when you want the lights to go before you drill a hole.
  3. Poke lights through the back and secure with a glue gun on the backside. This will hold the lights in place so they don’t fall out.
  4. Create you snowman using ribbon for his scarf.
  5. Add buttons by using a wood burning tool or marker.
  6. Glue snowmen and snowflakes using wood glue.
  7. Place “Let it Snow” vinyl saying onto your wood sign.
  8. Plug in and enjoy!