View File to PrintThis dramatic and patriotic sign was made by Ashley at the Hazel Dell store. She used a pressboard cut-out of the states and distressed it using a simulated wood grain technique. The back is lit with Led firefly lights.


Supply List:

• Folk Art Milk Paint in the colors Shaker Red, Milky White & Quaker Blue.How to Make a Patriotic Wood Light up Sign
• Americana Oak Gel Stain
• Americana Acrylic Spray Sealer– Matte
• 1 2” wide rough bristle brush.
• 1 Small Detail brush
• 2 sheets of heavy grit sand paper
• 1 smooth synthetic sponge
• Wood glue
• High Temperature Hot Glue Gun
• 30ct Firefly Lights– 2 packs Red, 1 pack Blue
• 1 18×24 3/4 Inch Profile Wood Studio Panel
 1 22” USA Cut Out
• Some screws, and a drill or screwdriver.
• Wood Letters
• Roughly 15”x4”x2” Wood Spacer ( you can use whatever you have laying around for this)


1. Using the bristle brush give your USA cut out an even coat of Milky White Milk Paint. Let stand until completely dry.
2. Distress your surface a little by pulling the heavy grit sandpaper across the paint.
3. Using the synthetic sponge pull the Gel Oak Stain from the West Coast of your USA to the East Coast in long sweeping motions until your surface has an even coat of stain. This is how you will begin to create the faux “Wood Grain” look. Let the Gel stain rest for about 15 minutes.
4. Take the bristle brush and begin to gently pounce its bristles against your counter, or table the goal is not to damage the bristles but to instead flair them out.
5. Dip just the tips of the bristles into your leftover Milky White Paint, then softly pull the brush again from West Coast to East Coast so that the bristles barely hit your surface. This should give you a streaky distressed look. Let Stand 10 Minutes.
6. Repeat Step 2.– (Sand)
7. Repeat above steps until you achieve the desired look.
8. Give your surface a healthy coat of Matte Sealer.
9. Repeat Step 3 (Stain)
10. Time to make some wood grain! Still working Coast to Coast, take your heavy grit sand paper and press firmly against the surface, pull all the way across. Think about how wood grain moves, it’s not in straight lines, but more a slightly curved in places. Do not go over one spot too many times as you will lose line definition, and it will all melt together.
11. Repeat Step 3. (Stain)
12. Give a final coat of sealer to set your wood grain.