Lanterns are a big trend in decorating right now. They’re easy to group together, they work well with any seasonal filler, they create a nice cozy ambiance and they look great! We’ve seen them all over the decor blogs, magazines and on Pinterest, of course. At Craft Warehouse, we’ve been showing them off and decorating with them for years. We have a great selection of lanterns, lights and floral filler. Craft Warehouse makes decorating for any season a breeze!

Start with choosing one of our metal or reclaimed wood lanterns, add a flameless candle and floral filler then set in a tray! Makes an easy center piece or shelf display. Keep all year around just change out the foliage! Want some more ideas, see our post about 25 Ways to Decorate with Lanterns.


A Lantern for all Seasons at Craft Warehouse