We never seem to run out of ideas of things to do with Mason Jars here at Craft Warehouse. We’re very inspired by the traditional vintage style jars and the many ways you can alter them for decoration and storage. This knob-topped mason jar was painted and distressed and a glass-type knob was attached to the lid. We made this with the sewing room in mind, but it would work as a storage container in many rooms including the bathroom, bedroom and office.


How to make a knob topped mason jar at Craft Warehouse•  Mason jar with lid and ring
•  “Glass” knob (we carry a few variations. Some come in packs of 5 with screws)
•  Americana Decor Chalky Paint
•  Awl, large nail, or drill with similar size bit to the screw. We used a roofing nail.
•  Masking or painters tape on the inside of the lid where you will be punching. This will protect the lid from damage if you slip while punching the hole.
•  A towel you won’t mind ruining if a hole is punched in it (or you could try using a thick piece of cardboard).
•  Small hammer, screwdriver.

1. Place a piece of tape on the inside of the lid where the screw will go.(To help you find the center of the lid draw an X across it and where the lines meet should be the middle).

2. Fold up a towel to several thicknesses and place the lid on top of it as shown.

3. Center the nail on the lid and hammer until the nail goes all the way through. Wriggle the nail around to widen the hole a bit.

4.  Remove the nail and from the backside of the lid, place the screw in the hole.

5. From the right or top side of the lid, screw the knob in place. I used a screwdriver to hold the screw in place while tightening the knob the last bit to get it extra tight.

6. Paint the outside of the jar as you prefer. Let dry overnight before distressing it.

7. Start out very lightly rubbing the sandpaper over the painted jar once it’s dry. You may only want the letters to show as unpainted or perhaps you want it to be more distressed as ours is.

8. Once it’s how you like it, dust off and fill with your choice of items.

Regarding paint: Americana Decor Chalky Paint is our preferred choice for these vintage inspired projects. It covers great and is easy to distress with light use of a fine grit sandpaper. You can give it a light coat or a few coats for a stronger coverage. Here are some images from previous projects we’ve done.

Painting Mason Jars with Chalk Paint at Craft Warehouse