Thank you to Melissa Hartwell, an employee from one of our Craft Warehouse stores, who created this lovely Cowl Wrap! I asked her to share how she made it, just for you!


1 Hank “Magnum” by Cascade Yarns Color used: Shire
1 Skein “Glitz” yarn by Mary Maxim Color used: Angora
1 Size “J ” crochet hook
2 – 1″ Black/Silver buttons by Haberdashery

– and-

Your arms!


1.Using the arm knitting method and holding one strand of “Magnum” yarn and one strand of the “Glitz” yarn, Cast on 12 stitches.

2. Without turning, knit back across the cast on stitches to the end.

3. Repeat step 2 for seven (7) rows. (12 stitches total).

4. Bind off stitches loosely.

To finish with Crocheted edges and button holes:

1. Lay the cowl/wrap flat, using fingers at each end to stretch evenly. This evens out the stitch pattern and created the points in the end loops to crochet into.

2. Using the crochet hook and the Mary Maxim “Glitz” yarn, single crochet (sc) in first end loop at the point; chain 1, single crochet (sc) in next loop; repeat to the end. Chain (ch) 2, turn. (13 stitches plus 2 ch)

3. Single crochet to the end. Ch 3, turn.

4. In next crochet from hook, 1 double crochet. Dc in next sc, Ch 2, skip 2 sc, Repeat once more, dc to the end. ch 2, turn. This row creates the holes for the buttons.

5. Sc in next two chain stitches, sc in next dc. repeat to the end, ending with a sc in last dc. Ch 2, turn.

6. Repeat step 5 for next 5 rows. Fasten off.

7. To finish the other end (you will sew the buttons onto this edge), repeat step 2. Next row, Single crochet to the end. Ch2, turn. Repeat this row 7 times, fasten off.

8. Choose 2 buttons and sew them onto this edge, centering under each of the two holes.

9. Button the closure to finish.

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