Our Wall Art Jumbo Puzzle Pieces are so much fun and a great way to have a unique and custom wall art display in your home. The pieces come in natural or whitewash and are size 15.5″ x 15.5″. They fit together in different configurations, so you can make a finished piece that is a square shape or a rectangle shape. You can line them up in a row vertically, horizontally or create a larger piece in many rows and columns. We have displays at all of our stores so you can get some ideas. Below you can see a few of them.

Wood Decor Puzzle PiecesWhat to do with your puzzle pieces? Well, we got some ideas.

  • They’re a great way to show off photos. Glue on clips, clothespins or knobs so you can easily change out images
  • Add small frames with velcro, so you can take them off and change the images when you want to.
  • Add vinyl words and sayings to enhance the photos or just on their own
  • Photo transfer your photos directly onto the board
  • Outline a puzzle piece in jute, or paint, or dots
  • Paint or stain the pieces. Sand them after and distress the edges to make them look a bit weathered.
  • Glue on faux flowers or succulents
  • Glue the puzzle pieces on a slatboard to give it a background and to make it one piece.
  • Use one puzzle piece per family member and create a family grouping
  • Are you a painter or an illustrator? Paint a scene and create your own oversize puzzle.
  • Accent the pieces with die cuts and paper flowers

Watch the slideshow below to see more images:

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