• Moda “Ever After” Jelly Roll Fabric Strips
  • White Cotton Towel
  • White Thread
  • Mason Jar Iron-on

Directions for Iron on Mason Jar Ruffle Towel:


Choose 4 strips out of your jelly roll fabric pack.

moda first crush fabric

Iron the edge a .25 inch and sew to secure.


Then adjust your sewing machine to the largest stitch.


Stitch 2 rows like shown in the photo


Lightly pull on the 2 top treads leaving the bottom thread in place.

This will make your fabric begin to ruffle.


Iron the opposite end of the ruffle then Stitch.

moda first crush fabric

Pin ruffle to the bottom of your towel.

Then sew the top of the ruffle to your towel.

moda first crush fabric

Once all 4 ruffles are sewn on to the towel go back and remove the threads that created the ruffle.

mason jar ruffle towel

Last Iron on the mason jar to your towel by following the directions on the tag.

Designed by Sarah Owens for Craft Warehouse