It’s always festive to have décor for each holiday, what I love about this project is you can change it out as much as you would like!

 “How” well we use Hook and Loop Fastener Tabs by TomBow! They work just like Velcro!

Tombow fastener tabs

“I Heart U” Valentines Framed Art



White Frames 1 – 10″x20″, 1 – 5″x5″ and 2 – 3.5″x5″

white frames

 2 pieces of 12×12 scrapbook paper for the back frame.

1 Contrast piece of 12×12 scrapbook paper for the mini frames.

Package of Darice Chipboard Alphabet

Red Acrylic Paint

Red Super Fine Glitter

Martha Stewart Giltter Glue

TomBow Hook and Loop Fastener Tabs

All Night Media Large Pop-dots (optional)

A photo for the middle frame or use a heart cut out of paper.


Start by taking glass out of all frames and wash it with glass cleaner.

Paint I and U with red acrylic paint.

Once dry glitter with Martha Stewart Glue. Repeat 2 times.

Optional: If you don’t want glitter to come off give each letter 1 thin coat of Martha Glue it will still sparkle!

Tape 2 of your scrapbook papers together from the back then cut into a 10″x20″ rectangle.

Place glass back into large frame, add scrapbook paper and close up the frame.

Place glass and photo in 5″x5″ and close up the back.

The 2 mini frames you are have 2 ways you can do it:

Place paper in frame then add pop dots to adhere the letters or

you can put glass in the frame, glue letter in to paper and place in frame and close up the back.

Last you are going to place the mini frames onto the large frame using Hook and Loop Tabs.

Tombow hook and loop fastener tab

Once you have 4 on each side place on the front of the frame!

Valentines diy frame art

Designed by Sarah Owens for Craft Warehouse