Who wouldn’t love this mini shadow box?

It’s a great gift idea that’s affordable and simple!


  • 5″x7″ Unfinished Wood Shadow Box
  • White & Red Acrylic Paint
  • Red and White Bakers Twine
  • Mini Heart Wood Cutouts
  • Darice 3″ Chipboard Letters
  • Martha Stewart Glue
  • Red Extra Fine Glitter
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Photo (optional) You can also just cut out a heart instead of the photo.
  • Crop-a-dile (this is to make small holes in the shadow box insert) or anything that would make a small hole (drill)


  1. Take shadow box frame apart and was glass.
  2. Paint shadow box with white acrylic paint. You can cut the string provided because we are going to make a separate hole for the bakers twine.
  3. Take the insert rectangle piece of wood that the string was on and add 2 small holes on each side. You don’t want the holes too close to the top because then the clothes pins will bump the top when you add you letters and photo.
  4. String bakers twine through the 2 holes and secure with tape. You are basically just adding a cuter string higher than the original string so that when you hang your photo it wont hit the bottom of your shadow box.
  5. Cut scrapbook paper to fit the back of your shadow box and glue to the backing so it shows through the front of the frame.
  6. Paint chipboard letters with red acrylic paint.
  7. Glitter chipboard letters with red extra fine glitter and Martha Stewart glue.
  8. Once everything is dry clip photo and letters on the bakers twine, then add wood hearts to the inside of the frame and close up the back.

I Heart U Shadow Box Frame

Designed by Sarah Owens for Craft Warehouse