We have projects for every type of crafter in this special blog series. We will show you how we did it, and what you need to do it, all found on the shelves of your local family owned and operated Craft Warehouse stores.

Everyone is loving canning jars these days. Stenciling is so easy! You can finish this look in no time! Chalky Finish Paint is extremely easy to work with and great on virtually any surface. It creates a white washed finish in a variety of vintage colors.

i heart canning jars painting hearts



Mason Jar
Cosmetic Sponge (to pounce over the stickers so that the paint doesn’t seep through)
Chalky Finish Paint
Sticker or Tape (we used a punch with adhesive backed paper)


1. Paint the entire jar. Let dry and apply stickers or tape.
2. Paint the jar again in a different color and let dry.
3. Remove the stickers and you have a stenciled jar!

How easy is that!