There’s nothing like settling in with a nice flannel quilt once the nights start getting colder. You can easily make this comfy and warm Flannel Rag Edge Quilt for yourself and also make one or two for your favorite people. The gift of a homemade warm blanket is the gift that keeps giving every time they wrap themselves up in it.

This quilt has no enclosed seams and is a fast, fun project. The exposed edges of the quilt will fray more with each washing adding to the casual charm of this style quilt.

Please read through all the instructions before beginning. Finished quilt size is 42″ x 63″

Supplies needed:

  • ½ yard each of 4 different fabrics. Flannel will give the best frayed results.How to make a Rag Quilt - Easy Directions
  • 2 yards for backing.
  • Sharp scissors
  • Walking foot for your sewing machine, optional

Cutting Instructions:

  1. Trim all fabrics to 42” wide.
  2. Chose the fabric that will be the focus or center fabric, of your quilt. Trim it to 18” x WOF.*
  3. Chose the fabric that will be the narrowest strips. Cut four strips 4½” wide x WOF.
  4. From each of the remaining 2 half yard fabrics: cut two 9” x WOF strips.
  5. From the backing fabric you will cut: four 9” x WOF strips, four 4½” x WOF strips and one 18” x WOF strip.


  1. With wrong sides together, match each backing strip with a corresponding width of fabric strip from steps 1-4. I call each of these a “set”. To obtain a nice flat match, do your pinning on a large flat surface.
  2. With right sides of the backing fabric together, sew a narrow strip set to a 9” strip set. Repeat with the remaining narrow and 9” strips. Be sure to pin all four layers together before sewing.  (Using a walking foot will help keep the fabric from bunching and moving around as you sew.)  You now have four wide strips.
  3. Alternating the 9” fabric strips, sew them together.
  4. With a narrow strip next to your focus fabric, sew each one of these rows to a long side of your focus fabric.
  5. Trim up the sides so it’s even all the way around.
  6. Stitch ½” away from the outside edge of the entire quilt.
  7. At 1” intervals, clip the raw edges of each row, stopping a few thread short of the seam.
  8. Toss into the dryer with a damp towel to fluff up and fray the rows.

*WOF=Width of Fabric

Click here to print this project sheet.