At Craft Warehouse we have a large selection of lanterns that we decorate for every season. With the selection of vinyl phrases we have, there is a way you could customize a lantern (or glass block) for everyone you know. For this project, we decided to make something festive for the winter holidays. Keep in mind you can use any phrase or image in the large selection of rub-on vinyl transfers we have or create your own version with the Silhouette Cameo 3.


• Lantern without panes or wires across the glass area

• Vinyl rub-on transfer of your choice

• Holographic paper

• 30 ct Firefly Lights

• Optional: Ribbon or mini garland


  1. Take out the glass from the lantern and clean
  2. Cut Holographic paper to fit on at least one pane of glass (your choice if you want the Holographic paper on all sides).
  3. Apply Holographic paper and smooth down, getting out air bubbles, if any.
  4. Apply vinyl saying on top of the Holographic paper
  5. Add firefly lights inside the lantern
  6. Add a ribbon and garland to the top of the lantern then turn on!

How to decorate a lantern