How to Create Light-Up Canvases with Digital Prints

Digitally printed fabric is becoming more popular as it has become easier and less expensive for the consumer. With digitally printed fabric the fabric is run through a printer and is not screen printed like most fabrics are. We carry a number of digitally printed cotton fabrics at Craft Warehouse that are ideal for many projects. They, of course, creating stunning quilts, with the main panel showing off the gorgeous digital print, but they also work great in so many projects like tote bags, pillows, and wall art.

With the digital print fabrics, you can easily make them into wall art by affixing them to a canvas. We’ve taken the wall art aspect one step further and included lights to some of the panels. Shown here on the “Out of this World” by Hoffman Fabrics, we can show you how to easily add lights to a digital print fabric panel on a canvas board.

We used the battery operated Firefly Lights that we carry in stock. They have a remote that allows you to change the pattern of the lights, to dim them, and to put them on a timer. The Firefly lights come in a number of colors so you can create your panel just how you want it.

Come in a store soon to see the selection of digital print fabrics we have.


• 1 Canvas (size to fit your fabric print)
• 1 Digital Fabric Print
• Staple Gun
• Tape
• Glue Gun
• 30 Count Firefly Lights (more if you want more light)


How to Make a Light up Canvas


  1. Iron your fabric so there are no wrinkles.
  2. Staple the fabric to the top part of canvas nice and tight. You can then lay it down and move it up to make sure you are placing the lights where you want them to go.
  3. Turn on the lights and arrange the string of lights on the canvas where you would like it to show through on your print holding it down with tape as you go. Make sure the base of the firefly lights end at the bottom of the canvas.
  4. Finish up until the lights are where you want them for the whole canvas.
  5. Using a glue gun replace the taped spots with a dab of glue on the light cord and wait for it to dry. It only takes about 30 seconds but you can use a fan to speed up the process.
  6. Replace your tape with glue for the whole canvas.
  7. Place the battery pack of the back side of the canvas and tape to hold into place.
  8. Staple fabric tightly around all the sides of the canvas giving each corner a nice fold.
  9. Hang on your wall.

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