• Unfinished Slatted Square Plaque w/hanger approx. 17″x17″ (KID-70)
  • White Slat Board Square approx. 12″x12″ (PAC-17)
  • Decorating Your Life “Home Sweet Home” Rub-on vinyl. (904095)
  • Elmers Wood Glue
  • Americana Acrylic Paint in Gylapso Blue, White and Burnt Umber.


  1. Paint the large unfinished wood slat board alternating blue and white acrylic paint.
  2. Repeat with a second coat of paint.
  3. Get a bristly dry paint brush, dip it in a little burnt umber acrylic paint then pat brush on a paper towel. Lightly stroke over the top of the wood to give it a rustic worn look.
  4. Let completely dry.
  5. On the white slat board and the vinyl rub-on letters by following the directions on the packaging.
  6. Glue to the front of the blue and white painted board using Elmers wood glue.