We love this state focused photo layout made with the Stateside Collection from Echo Park Paper Company.  It’s made even better with the little HOME sign that we added to the outside of the frame. All of our store locations have their own state papers from this collection, as well as the little HOME sign and the frame.




 1. Open up frame and wash glass

2. Cut off the label end of one of the 12×12 paper so that it fits in the frame.

3. Cut out the emblem and the map image from the other 12×12 paper.

4. Add your photo to the center of state and place state emblem where you want it with the Pioneer Glue Stick.  

5. Take the wood HOME sign and trace the map out to fit on the state-shaped O part of the sign.

6. Place the paper in the frame and check for dust under the glass before securing it in place.

7. Glue the MDF HOME sign on the glass with the E6000 glue.

Echo Papers Stateside Collection at Craft Warehouse

Echo Park’s Stateside Paper Collection – Summer 2017