wreath canvas close up

Malinda from our Meridian, Idaho store. She came up with this beautiful use of a wreath panel!  It makes quite an impressive gift or statement in your home.  Not including the drying time for the glue, it almost took me longer to find the staple gun than it did to make the piece.


The firefly lights are very cool (temperature) light and sit UNDER the fabric, creating a beautiful soft glow.



  • Holiday Flourish Wreath Panel
  • 20”x30” Canvas
  • 30ct Battery Operated Firefly Lights
  • 9ft Bead Garland
  • Pencil
  • Awl (or something else sharp to poke holes)
  • Staple Gun and staples
  • E6000 Glue



  • Lay out the wreath panel on the canvas to get an idea of where you will want your lights.
  • Mark on the canvas where you would like the lights to show.
  • Poke the holes for the lights 1 at a time **
  • Carefully thread a light through the canvas one hole at a time * I taped the light cord in place with masking tape.Holiday Flourish Wreath2
  • Center your fabric while wrapping over top of the canvas
    • Staple the bottom of the fabric first, then carefully stretch and staple the top of the fabric, thirdly staple each side – taking care that it stays centered on the canvas
    • Holiday Flourish Wreath9
  • Once you have the panel stapled down, trim the access off, DO NOT throw away as you will need a strip of the access fabric to secure the battery pack. I carefully measured and cut before I stapled. If you do this be sure to allow for wrapping around the frame, probably 5”-6”. Refer to the finished picture if you aren’t sure where to start measuring.
  • Holiday Flourish Wreath1
  • Secure battery pack using the piece of fabric that you cut off
    • To secure place the strip of access fabric trimmed off in the previous step and put it across the lower right/left corner that you will be placing your battery pack in, staple down the fabric strip as this will act as your holding piece for the pack.
  • Place the bead garland on wreath and glue down securing each bead with E6000. I referred to the picture for placement, but you can do what pleases your eye.
  • Canvas must lay flat for 24hrs for the glue to set

Holiday Flourish Wreath Canvas Wall Art

wreath christmas canvas