Customize these burlap fabric ribbon paper mache cones for any holiday! Add webbing for a spooky look, an owl clip for fall, or lights for Christmas!

Burlap cone with leaves

Large Paper Mache Cone
1-2 Spools of 10 yard Burlap ribbon
Glue Gun


1. Start Buy cutting burlap strips about 3.5″ inches long for the first layer for the bottom of your cone.

2. Glue ribbon to the cone at the bottom using glue gun.

3. Cut ribbon for your second layers about 3″ strips for the second and third layer and glue on to cone with a glue gun.

4. Repeat steps until you reach the top. Cut 3 2.5″ burlap strips to complete the top of the cone.

5. Add embellishments to create each holiday!

Alter the design to create a Christmas tree!

burlap christmas tree


2 Large Paper Mache Cones
Wood Stars from Lara Crafts
1- Red and Gold Polka Dot Fat Quarters
1- Green and Gold Polka Dot Fat
Half Yard of Burlap Fabric.
Glue Gun
Pinking Shears


1. Start by cutting 1.5″ squares of fabric with your Pinking Shears. Cut as many as you can get out of your fat quarters and your burlap.

2. Start gluing the fabric on to the bottom of each cone rotating burlap with your cotton fabric. Use as much or less as you would like to make your cone.

3. Once you reach the top go back through and add fabric to give it more detail or keep it as is.

4. Last glue on top your wood star!