Light It Up! Marquee letters are so easy to make with the Marquee Love Letter Kits! Just choose your letters – each is it’s own kit including template, lights, and bulb covers. You get to decorate them to fit your style.
Heidi Swapp Marquee Letters – in E-A-T
Marquee Love Washi tape in gold
Pencil, scissors
Bone folder


  1. Remove Letter kit from box and find letter shaped template, place this on the pattern paper you want for the inside of your letter and trace with a pencil and then cut out. The template includes marks for where you need a small hole or X cut so that the lights can poke through. Set aside.
  2. Use the Marquee love gold glitter tape to decorate the outside of each letter. This tape is perfectly sized to fit the outside dimension of your letters! Please note, this tape is EXTRA sticky, in fact for really tight spaces like on the letter A it can be a bit tricky. We found that if you pounce the sticky side of the tape on your clothing to pick up a little lint it makes the tape a little less sticky and easier to work with.
  3. We like to use a bone folder to help negotiate the tape in and around edges of each letter and help smooth it into place.
  4. Place the cut out paper inside the letter. Next- following the light ‘map’ included in your kit place the lights in the correct holes- they only fit one way so follow the map- each letter has it’s own unique set of lights that fit that particular letter.
  5. Once the letters are inserted- add the bulb covers over the lights- they just pop on!

The beauty of the Marquee Love Kits is that you don’t have to glue your paper inside the letter- once you lay your cut out paper inside the letter and poke the lights through, put the bulb covers on- the paper will stay in place nicely… this way you can change the paper later as you change your décor)