Create that one of a kind gift that will for sure make someone’s day!

Make them in bunches to give out as a friendly random act of kindness during the days that lead up to Valentine’s Day!

10″ square of fabric
10″ square of fusible fleece, I like the Pellon brand the best
Polyester fiber fill
1 ½” x 12″ piece of ribbon or fabric


1. Following the manufacturer’s directions, fuse the fleece to the wrong side of the fabric.
2. Quilt as desired.

Heart Sachet

3. Cut square in half on the diagonal.
4. With wrong sides together, using a seam allowance, sew the 2 halves together leaving a 2″ opening on the long side of the triangle.
5. Clip the corners off close to your stitching and turn right side out, poking the points out with a pencil or bamboo skewer.

Heart Sachet

6. Fill with polyester fiber fill and lavender or your favorite potpourri for a sachet. Fill with cedar shavings, walnut shells or rice for a pincushion. Push the filling into the bottom corner but don’t put much filling in the 2 ends that you will be joining on the top. If you want some weight on the bottom, you can begin filling the heart with poly pellets.

7. By hand, stitch the opening closed. Bring the 2 ends up to meet in the middle. I hold mine together with binding clips. Clothespins or safety pins would work fine. Stitch together.

Heart Sachet -tied

8. Tie with fabric or ribbon to cover your overlapping ends.

Heart Sachet