Hazel & Ruby DIY decor tape ‘Growth Chart’ Sharpie or other permanent marker


Choose location in your home for your growth chart
Start at the floor and work your way up smoothing the growth chart DIY decor tape up the wall until you want to stop, or you run out of wall or tape! This tape goes all the way to 10ft!

Won’t damage your paint, peels off clean when you don’t want it anymore.

Use sharpie to mark height, name, and date
BONUS! – This growth chart roll of DIY Decor tape includes fun extras! You get colorful shapes and alphabet stickers to use on your growth chart if you like.

TIP- If you prefer, you can apply tape to a 8″wide x 6′ tall (up to a 10′ height!) wood panel like we did. Then you can move the wood when and where you want.