Wheatgrass isn’t just a menu item at the smoothie bar. You can easily grow it at home and it will improve your health, air and make your cats happy. Growing your own wheatgrass is a fun and easy project. Kids especially love watering the grass and seeing the wheatgrass grow. What better time to plant some wheatgrass than Earth Day?


• Wheatgrass seeds (we sell these in a 16 oz container which is much cheaper than you’ll find at health food stores)
Wheatgrass decorated pot at Craft Warehouse• Potting soil
• Container(s)
• Water Spray Bottle
• Plastic wrap (or something to cover grass while sprouting)

Wheatgrass doesn’t need a ton of soil to grow, so shallow containers are fine.  If you’re planning on juicing it daily you will need many or larger containers. Try growing it in unconventional containers for a fun decorative item that helps clean the air! If you have cats, prepare for them to want to eat it. It’s okay – it’s actually good for them!

The internet will show you lots of ways to grow wheatgrass, some include pre-soaking the seeds. This is certainly something you can do, but we’re just going to keep it simple here.


  1. Fill containers with potting soil leaving some room at the top.
  2. You can layer the seeds a few times by putting down seeds, then some potting soil, then some seeds and then potting soil. Or an alternative way is to just put them all on top of the soil – making the layers of seeds quite thick. Both ways will give you a nice full pot of wheatgrass.
  3. Mist the seeds with water evenly and generously. You don’t want it to be so much that it will need drainage, but you want to make sure the seeds are soaked.
  4. Cover lightly with plastic wrap or some other covering.
  5. Place in a sunny spot, but not direct sunlight
  6. Take cover off and mist 2-4 times a day.
  7. In a few days the grass will grow enough that it pushes the cover off. Take it off and keep misting daily.
  8. In a week or two, you’ll have a full pot of wheatgrass.

Keeping wheatgrass in any room helps clean the air. Wheatgrass is a great treat for your cat, guinea pig or rabbit.

If you’re interested in adding wheat grass to your smoothies, cut wheatgrass with scissors when the grass reeds begin to split. Wheatgrass juice has many health benefits. A few are aiding in digestions, loads of Vitamin C and Vitamin A and wheatgrass helps improve blood sugar. If you’re concerned about gluten – the grass from the wheat seed is gluten free.


Wheatgrass as placecards from madeeveryday.com

Adorable wheatgrass place card mini plants from madeeveryday.com