DIY Glittered Antler Pillow is so easy to create, all you need is:


  • Cotton Pillowcase
  • Heat “n” Bond Ultra
  • Pattern of your image (we did antlers)
  • Super Fine Glitter
  • Pressing Sheet
  • Faux Flower (floral dept)
  • Small piece of felt
  • Large safety pin


  1. Create a pattern of what you would like your shape to be using paper and pencil or print your image from the computer.
  2. Place pattern on Heat “n” Bond and cut out pattern shape.
  3. Lay Heat “n” Bond cutout on your pillowcase of where you would like your image.
  4. Place pressing sheet over your Heat “n” Bond and cutout and iron on to pillow.
  5. Peel off Heat “n” Bond paper and glitter over the top.
  6. Then place pressing sheet over glitter and lightly iron over the top (this only takes 4-5 seconds, you don’t want to over heat or the glue comes through the glitter)
  7. Add a felt strip to the back of your flower with a large safety pin. This will help if you need to wash the pillowcase or to switch out the flower.
  8. Clip on your flower and you are done!

Note: You can wash the pillowcase on gentle cycle in cold water then line dry, after removing your flower.