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Alcohol Inks are acid-free, fast drying, transparent dye inks specially formulated to be used on metal, paper, dominoes,  shrink plastic, glass, almost anything slick – including porcelain tiles, as we have used here. The Alcohol Blending Solution was specially formulated to dilute and lighten the Alcohol Inks’ vibrant tones. Not only is this solution useful for lightening and blending the Alcohol Ink colors, it will also remove them from slick surfaces, hands, and art tools.

See how Alcohol Inks look on glass >

Supply List:

• Cooper Ridge 5×5 frame
• 4”x4” ceramic tile
• Ranger Alcohol inks (choose combinations of 3 colors)
• Ranger- Alcohol Blending Solution
• Ranger Felt Applicator Tool for Alcohol Ink
• Glitter Heart Die Cuts
• Nuvo Gilding Flakes
• Nuvo Gilding Flakes
• Craft Glue Dots or POP Glue Dots
• Gloves
• Non-stick Mat or Glass Mat
• (hand sanitizer and paper towels for cleaning up mats!)


Step 1 Alcohol Ink
(warning- alcohol ink can stain skin and clothing! Wear gloves and protect clothes)
1. Add 4-6 drops of 1st color and a few drops of Blending Solution to the Felt Applicator Tool and pounce all over surface of 4” tile.
2. Repeat with the 2nd color of alcohol ink
3. Repeat with the 3rd color of alcohol ink

Step 2 Gilding and Heart
(The Gilding Flakes are light as air. Be careful when you open the jar. No sneezing, no fans, and hold your breath! )
1. Use Nuvo Glue pen to add small amounts of adhesive in random scribbles, and dots over dried alcohol ink tile and allow to dry for a minute- we need it to be tacky – not wet, not dry, but tacky.
2. Gently add gilding flakes by laying over the glue. Place little piles of flakes all over (much more then you’ll actually end up with) Press down gently and hold for a few seconds. Then using a clean foam brush to gently sweep away the excess gilding flakes. Return excess flakes to the jar.

Step 3 Add to Frame
1. Apply 6 Pop Dot Glue Dots to the back of the tile
2. Adhere the tile to the front of the frame, press to get glue pop dots to adhere, but be careful to not break the glass

Get a printable project sheet with images here >