Homemade gifts are the best kind to give, but sometimes you don’t have the time to devote to creating a truly homemade present. A great option for these times is iron-on designs that you can transfer to kitchen towels, aprons, totes, or any pre-washed fabric item.

If you don’t sew or don’t have time for sewing, choose a set of towels that color coordinates with the recipient’s kitchen, iron on your favorite design and throw in some matching silicone utensils or mini-casserole dishes.

If you do have time to sew, step it up by adding a fabric, pom-pom or rick-rack trim. You could also use buttons, lace to decorate the towels. These touches will make your present a functional, pretty and uniquely-from-you gift.

Iron on a design onto a plain apron for a great gift from Craft Warehouse


Craft Warehouse carries Decorating your Life iron-on designs. Decorating your Life is based out of Bellingham Washington. We’ve enjoyed working with Decorating your Life to create distinctive and charming designs with the Craft Warehouse customer in mind.


  • Heat your iron to 320 degrees. Iron-on transfers work best on pre-washed 100% cotton, 100% uncoated polyester and poly/cotton blends. Make sure you don’t use fabric softener on these items. If you’re using a thinner fabric you might want to use parchment paper or a Teflon type of applique sheet on top of the design to the fabric to prevent possible scorching.
  • Use your iron to pre-warm up the fabric. Center the transfer how you want it to be on your fabric. Apply strong and even pressure on the transfer and make sure to hit all the transfer including the sides with the same pressure.
  • If the plastic seems to be melting or warping a bit, that’s okay. Make sure transfer is cooled completely before removing the plastic film.


Craft Warehouse carries a nice selection of kitchen towels that are perfect for this project, including flour sack towels, woven cotton towels, and plaid cotton towels. You’ll also find a large selection of Iron-On transfers and many ideas for embellishment in the Quilting Department.

Below is a portion of a video taken from a live video from October 12th where Katrina and Joh show you how easy it is to customize items with the Decoration your Life iron-ons.


For a visual walk-through of the process take a look at the video tutorial provided here by Decorating your Life.