Here is a knock-out look for any room or entryway. Sarah from our Design Team took the new Heidi Swapp Neon Wall Words and added an open back frame and some gorgeous paper crepe flowers made from the Lia Griffith papers and template. A lovely and unique project that you can customize in a million ways.

Heidi Swapp Neon Wall Words

New from Heidi Swapp, these wall words are on white wood that you can paint if you desire. You choose the word you want, the color of neon wire you want and thread it into the word of your choice (see video below).

The neon wires look create lit or unlit. They work on batteries, which makes it easy to hide the battery pack behind a wreath, a frame or any kind of display. These Neon Words are a great decor item for kids rooms and college dorm rooms, too.

Neon Wall Words by Heidi Swapp



Making the Hello Framed Art

In order to create this Hello sign, we threaded the red neon light wire through the word and then once we found the position we wanted on the open back frame, we glued it down with a hot glue gun.

Tip: Make sure that your cord ends where you want to place the flowers, as they are what is going to hide the battery pack.

In order to secure the battery pack, create a corner (you can use the corner protectors that came with the frame for this) that fits into the back of the frame (where you would fit your artwork) and cut a notch in it for the battery clip to fit into. Glue the cardboard down to the back of the frame.

Creating the Neon Wall Word Framed Sign

Making the Flowers

We have full directions on making the Crepe Paper Anemones here >

You can, of course, create any kind of crepe paper flowers or use faux floral or succulents for this frame. Any way you do it, with any word, with any color, – it’s going to look great.