We are so in love with this new paper line by Photo Play called “This Guy” All the papers are very Handsome it’s hard to settle on one design!

I used this 12′ x 12″ frame with a 4″x 4″ opening and a 1″ depth.

This makes a great frame for paper projects!



  1. Take glass out of frame, clean and set aside.
  2. Paint the edges and the side of the frame using acrylic paint.
  3. Once dry, cut background paper to fit frame and trace and cut out center where photo will go.
  4. Glue paper down with glue stick.
  5. Cut a second coordinating paper about 10″x 9″ line up and trace center where photo will go and cut out hole.
  6. Distress sides using the Tim Holtz Distress Tool.
  7. Glue paper down with the glue stick.
  8. Cut the 3rd coordinating paper 12″ x 1.5″ and glue down below the frame opening.
  9. Use embellishments and stickers to the frame.
  10. If you want a distress look use the distress tool on some of the embellishment papers.
  11. Pop-dots will give your frame project layers. Use them where needed!
  12. Place glass and photo back into frame!
  13. You are done!

Created by Sarah Owens for Craft Warehouse


photo play this guy scrapbook paper

craft frame kid/107
photo play this guy scrapbook paper

photo play this guy scrapbook paper