Create this simple wine bag to bring along to your next fall dinner party! Use our new fall or Halloween fabrics to make your hostess gift even more special! 
Add chalk labels, trims, or ribbon to give the bag a personalized look!


1/3 yard each of a main fabric, lining and fusible fleece. (If you need a little wider bag, purchase
3/8 yard of each. You will have enough fabric to make 3 bags but only enough fleece for 2 bags.)
½ yard ribbon to tie bag closed
Optional: trims, chalkboard cloth, duck cloth, iron on letters and designs

Fabric Wine Gift BagDirections:

All seams are 1/4″

1. Cut each piece-main, lining and fleece to 18″ x 12″

2. Fuse fleece to main fabric.

3. If adding a label on the bag, add it to the main fabric now. I cut my labels 4″x4″. Position it about 4″ up from the bottom and 1 1/2″ from the side edge. Stitch or fuse into place. With right side together, sew the lining to the main fabric along the top edge. Fold the main fabric and lining in half lengthwise and stitch this long side.

4. Leaving this tube inside out, place your bottle on each corner and trace around it. Trim the excess fabric.

5. Sew the curves and bottom seam on the main fabric. Turn right side out. By hand or machine, stitch the lining bottom closed. Push the lining inside, press the top of the bag opening. If desired, top stitch 1/4″ from top edge. Insert your bottle and tie the top with a ribbon, raffia or piece of coordinating fabric.