Give them the gift that inspires creativity!

Make this cute gift card holder that would be a great way to keep them safe in a purse or bag!

From 2- 5 Coordinating prints:
Cut three 3″ x 3″
Cut two 3″ x 8″
Optional decorative items, ie. beads, buttons, ribbons

1. Fold the 3″ x 3″ squares in half on the diagonal and press.

2. Place one of the 3″ x 8″ rectangles in front of you. Place one triangle on one corner of this rectangle. Place the other 2 triangles on the opposite corners of this same rectangle; pin all in place. If you choose to use ribbons to tie the finished holder together, pin one end of the ribbon in place on each narrow end of the rectangle. Keep the loose ends in the center of the rectangle to avoid sewing them where you don’t want them.

3. Place the other rectangle face down on top of the rectangle/triangle piece. Pin and sew using a seam allowance. Leave a 3″ opening in the middle to turn it right side out.

4. Turn right side out and press. Hand stitch the opening closed.

5. Decorate as desired.