Marble patterns are all over right now. It’s not just in home design and fashion – but in all design areas – and that includes craft supplies.  You can buy marble pattern papers, die-cuts and other craft supplies – but you can also make them yourself!

Turn your plain papers and craft components into marble bases for all kinds of awesome crafts.  It’s super easy with Marbling Kits, but you can also do get similar results with nail polishes and spray paints.

Watch a video and see how quick and easy it is to marble a wooden egg >

You can get lots of inspiration from our Marble Mania Pinterest board. Below you see (from left to right) 1. Papers marbled and then cut with a round punch and made into a mobile decoration. 2. A porcelain mug dipped in marble paint (we carry mugs that can be used for this). 3. An otter portrait made from marbled papers, Recycled tin cans painted and marbled. 4. A plain cotton ribbon marbled. 5. Wooden eggs marbled and made into a display. 6. Terra Cotta pots marbled. 7. Plain colored envelopes marbled. 8. A rock marbled


The Marbling Trends in Crafts for Craft Warehouse

Next time you’re faced with a blank slate consider marbling it first. It’ll bring a whole new dimension to your crafts.