I love flower arrangements. Fresh flowers during the summer is something I wish I could have all the time! They can be really expensive to buy at the store so I make my own as often as I can!
Another thing I also love is glitter. I just don’t love it all over my hands, face, and home. So when I heard about Krylon’s Glitter Blast I had to try it. It is glitter in a spray can. The can is filled with adhesive and glitter – all you have to do is point and spray! I like that! For this handmade vase, I just grabbed a mason jar and got to work! Scroll down to find out how to make your own vase and then how to create your own flower arrangement for less!

Mason Jar
Krylon Gold Spray Paint
Krylon Gold Glitter Blast
American Crafts Twine
DIY Flower Arrangements and Gold Glitter Vases
Vase Directions:
1. Spray the outside of the jar with gold spray paint. Do a couple of coats for a good application.
2. When dry, spray the outside of the jar with gold Glitter Blast. Make sure the jar is completely covered. Let dry.
3. Tie a piece of twine around the lip of the jar.

One of my favorite DIY projects is creating my own flower arrangements! I got several bouquets of flowers from my local Trader Joe’s for only $20! Here is how you can create your own flower arrangements using your own handmade vases!

Flower Arrangement Directions:
1. Open up all the bouquets and remove the flowers from the rubber bands and packaging.

2. If your flowers come with flower food, disperse the food out evenly to all your vases. Fill your vases up half way with water.

3. Sort your flowers on the counter so you can see what you have.
1 – Foliage
2 – Place smaller groupings of flowers together (like smaller Daisies, Asters, etc).
3 – Large flowers will be used last, so place them on their own.

4. Using the foliage (branches of leaves) first, cut to desired length (for a mason jar I cut between 9″-10″). Putting one branch into the jar at a time criss-cross the stems into the vase. You are going to be creating a homemade frog this way. You should have about four or more pieces crossed into the vase.

5. Use smaller flower stems next (labeled 2 in the picture above) and make sure all the leaves are removed before adding them to the vase. Cut to the same length as before. Add one stem at a time twisting the stem into the jar so that it will slide into your homemade frog. Place the stems evenly around the vase.

6. For stems that have a lot of flowers attached (like a bunch of Daisies), remove them from the main stem so that you get more bang for your buck! Tuck these into your arrangement by twisting the stem again into the homemade frog.

7. Lastly, pick a favorite large flower (labeled 3 in the picture above) and cut to the same length as your other flowers. Find the front of your vase and twist the stem into the vase at the focal point of your arrangement. Make sure if you are using any Roses that all the leaves are removed before adding them to the vase.

*Note: For mason jar arrangements 1 large flower is enough. For large arrangements, you can add several large flowers to draw attention to the front of the arrangement. Have fun with it! This is a great way to make beautiful floral displays around your home for less!